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The Importance of Nappy Disposal

July 3, 2019July 4, 2019

While many people rally about the environment few talk about diapers and the effect that they have. The issue with diapers is that they have a very strong cotton fabric component which is mixed in with solid waste. Solid waste is extremely fertile – think about it – how often do we put solid human waste through any kind of disposal sysstem other than the toilet?

Not only is solid human waste (or poo) – extremely fertile – but it is extremely easy for bacteria to develop in it. In fact it can take as little as 10 minutes for bacteria to develop inside a human diaper.

Disposing of human diapers is something that every city must consider and what we here at Detroit Diaper Bank are looking to do.

But we don’t just dispose of old diapers – we also help people to get new ones – many mothers may not have the budget to purchase diapers and so we aim to provide them. By ensuring that we provide clean diapers we can also ensure that the city stays clean and mothers have more money to spend on things like clothing and food – which are utlimately what will ensure that their babies grow up healthy and socially developed, not to mention mentally healthy.

We aim to serve the community in Detroit but we also are available for anyone that comes out of town – and we can connect them to all types of social programs that are going on in the city.

We hope to help somebody like you achieve what you want to do in your life – if you are a single mother – or if you are married – you should have all the resources you need so that your baby can grow up to be a healthy, fit and well developed individual.

Speak to you everyone soon!


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