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How can we ensure that Detroit’s homeless population is taken care of?

October 15, 2019

Homeless in Detroit would require additional care as the cold weather sets in. As a resultant, warming centers are all geared up for an increase in the number of people who are on a lookout help and support.

Outreach teams in Detroit would be patrolling the streets, looking out for the people who need shelter from the cold. Similarly, a few of the shelters will be using mats and chairs to meet the overflow of people who need protection against the cold.

There are cases wherein warming shelters have a limited number of beds, such as 100-110 beds for men. In spite of that, they would not be turning anyone away, even while each of the beds is occupied. This would last while Detroit is gripped by the cold.

Detroit has a number of warming shelters dedicated towards ensuring that the residents of the city are not required to bear the brunt of the cold.

In the event that someone stays temporarily at the warming shelter, mats are provided for them to rest comfortably. This comes across as an effective way of managing the limited resources at warming shelters.

One of the factors that give rise to the situation is the shortage of affordable housing in the city. But Detroit’s administrative website offers a great deal of information a regarding finding warming shelters.

Similarly, one can find access to warming centers for men, families and single women. Emergency contact numbers can be used by citizens to contact that the authorities if they come across someone in need. 

Aside from beds, a few of the warming shelters provide additional facilities such as classroom space and dining rooms. They are safe, well lit and heated.

In order to ensure that the entire system operates efficiently, Detroit has worked towards improving the coordination between community partners and city departments. This puts them in a better position to respond to emergencies.

In 2019, Detroit has also come up with a rapid response team, which includes community workers and staff from the health department. The team is better placed to respond to emergency housing issues. One such issue is wherein an apartment building lacks heat.

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